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Barley Grain is a highly nutritious stockfeed regularly used as a yardstick for measuring the nutrient value of other feeds. Barley has long been a popular animal feed, especially for pigs and is a suitable feed for dairy, beef, sheep, goats and poultry.


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Feeding Guide


Up to 1-8kg per day. Please refer to your animal nutritionist for advice on wheat usage due to the risk of acidosis.

Availability and delivery schedule


Castlegate James Barley is available on a long term and regular basis for customers wishing to secure an ongoing supply. Customers can choose to purchase Barley on a spot basis subject to availability, or enter a contract ensuring guaranteed supply.

Nutritional Analysis

Dry Matter 89%
Crude Protein 11%
Metabolisable Energy (MJ/kg) 12
Neutral Detergent Fibre 19%
Fat 1.7%
Sugar 2.3%
Starch 55%
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