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Proteena® SUV Pellets

Our specially formulated Proteena® SUV Pellets are perfectly suited to sheep on pasture or in feedlots. A highly palatable, highly digestible, safe feed made with a unique blend of starches, sugars, fats and fibres, Proteena SUV Pellets are ideal for managing body score in all conditions.

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Milk Yield
Milk Protein Yield
Milk Fat Yield
Liveweight Gain
Animal Health
DM Intake
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Feeding Guide


Proteena® SUV Pellets are designed to feed up to 40% of your animals’ dry matter intake in pasture-based systems. With feedlotting animals, we suggest you ensure proper transition over an extended period and offer access to good quality fibre. We also recommend access to fresh water at all times.

Availability and delivery schedule


Proteena® SUV Pellets are available on a long term and regular basis for customers wishing to secure an ongoing supply. Customers can choose to purchase Proteena® V12 Pellets on a spot basis subject to availability or negotiate a competitively priced contract ensuring guaranteed supply.

Nutritional Analysis

Dry Matter 89%
Crude Protein 14%
Metabolisable Energy (MJ/kg) 12
Neutral Detergent Fibre 32%
Fat 3%
Sugar 3.5%
Starch 23%
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