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Get the best out of your livestock's feeding program through on onsite consultation with Castlegate James.

Whatever your feeding requirements, one of our qualified and experienced Feed Advisors will visit your farm for an in-depth consultation. We’ll listen to you, gain a comprehensive understanding of your main goals and challenges, and then work with you and your nutritional advisor to develop the optimal Feed Program specifically for your needs.

Castlegate James draws upon its technical expertise to ensure you achieve the best possible productivity and profits with your livestock. We are committed to the development of the Australian agri-community and know that local representatives with local knowledge are the best people to deliver reliable advice.

Get started now with your free Ration Review undertaken by one of Castlegate James’ specialist feed advisors. Or, if you would like to begin maximising the benefits of your feeding program sooner rather than later, contact your local Castlegate James representative or chat to a specialized feed advisor online now.

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