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High Performance Stockfeeds for Optimum Production

With a heritage dating back to 1923, Castlegate James has been helping Australian farmers and animal nutritionists achieve optimum livestock production targets through our range of high-performance, specialty co-product stockfeed solutions.

Understanding the challenges faced by today's farming community, Castlegate James offers an extensive range of affordable, innovative co-product stockfeeds, protein meals, pellet feeds, brewers grains and customised rations specifically designed to maximise performance and nutrition for your livestock.

Localised knowledge, progressive innovative manufacturing methodologies and a integrated nationwide delivery network ensure reliable uninterrupted supply of premium quality stockfeed solutions throughout the entire year.

As Australia’s largest co-product stock feed manufacturer, we are committed to working hard to deliver today’s farmers with the best nutritious feed products in the market. Whatever your feeding requirements, our qualified and experienced feeding advisors will work with you to develop a Feeding Program specific to your livestock's needs.

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