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Pioneering Stockfeed Innovation in Australia since 1923

Castlegate James is Australasia’s largest innovative supplier of high performance specialty co-product stockfeeds.



Castlegate James dates back to the foundation of UK grain merchant James & Son and Victoria Grains Stores in 1923, with both companies selling brewers grains to dairy farmers. James & Son Australia, James & Son New Zealand and Castlegate VGS merged in 2010 to create Castlegate James. Today, Castlegate James is a strong strategic partnership drawing on historical industry experience to provide famers with innovative, ‘value adding’ stockfeed options.

Quality Commitment


Castlegate James is committed to delivering top quality customer service, technical support and value for money. We value working alongside farmers, in partnership with their nutritional advisors, to help offer the best stockfeed solutions for maximum benefits.

Feed Safe Accredited


Whether you use one our manufactured co-product stock feeds or want tailored rations for a blended feed solution, you can be assured Castlegate James’ products are carefully crafted in Feed Safe accredited environments using quality Australian-sourced ingredients.



Castlegate James’ has proudly built a reputation for technical excellence in product development and production. Our Research and Development program is committed to delivering innovative feed solutions creating optimal profit for Australian and New Zealand farmers.

  • Only use local ingredients sourced from the Australian food and beverage industry.
  • Only employ local representatives who fully understand the local context.
  • Support agri-community projects.
  • Develop innovative products specifically formulated for Australian conditions. 
  • Continue to develop flexible solutions in response to emerging trends and potential risk.

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